Worship is an integral part of our offering to the Lord. The KCN, through the Congress Music Factory, provides its members with worship training and resources that help strengthen worship and create an authentic environment for the presence of God in our Churches.


Our Male Empowerment Initiatives focus on promoting responsible male leadership in families and communities. The Quarry® is the title for our global male empowerment seminars that target the development, training and empowerment of men, based on biblical principles, to fulfill the key roles they play in the support and strengthening of families and family life.


The KCN provides leadership development programmes in cities across the world that provide practical training for church leaders. We offer resources to be used in developing leadership teams, ministry personnel and pastoral support groups.


Congress WBN runs Church management and Operations support programmes to help church administrators build skills needed to effectively support a modern church. Training spans a range of operations management and technical services, from effective team functions to audio-visual, web and mobile service delivery.


We are in a day when God is speaking to His Global Church. At the same time, the earth is gripped by unprecedented challenges. Social, economic, political, ethical and leadership crises are shaking organisations, countries and entire regions. Many are searching for solutions and crying out for answers.

Now more than ever there is an urgent need to build strong church communities with leadership capable of powerfully advancing the purposes of God and strengthening the Body of Christ.

The Congress WBN Engagement Seminars present practical, biblical solutions to the issues of our day. It is a unique opportunity for Church leaders to be edified and equipped, and to develop strong leadership teams and effective church communities. The Engagement series has already released new energy and grace from God to Church communities across the globe, equipping believers to stand accurately in every dimension of life - personal, family and Kingdom community.


KCN supports effective church operations with training and support for technology and audio visual teams. The Global Communications and Technology Sector of Congress WBN provides specially-tailored programmes that cover the technical skills and techniques for integrating technology into ministries. More importantly, our programmes help teams align their function and technology investment with ministry development objectives. Programs include AV (audio visual) deployment, sound engineering, video production, webcasting, multimedia production, web-development and social media management.