Founded and led by Dr. Noel Woodroffe, the KCN was originally birthed as the World Breakthrough Network (WBN) in 1993 in Port-of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Today its operations and network span more than 100 nations and include thousands of churches.

The KCN is an “Apostolic Network”. An Apostolic Network is a gathering of self-governing kingdom communities which unite voluntarily around a common vision and purpose determined by a spiritually functioning apostle.

These churches across the world are our bases of congregation, community, spiritual development and worship. They are serve as the pool of human resource for execution of our Kingdom work across the nations. Each church in our network preserves its identity and its local vision. Spiritual qualities of covenant, integrity, transparency, loyalty, faithfulness and accountability are held to be of premium value within the KCN.

Center: Dr. Noel Woodroffe (President, C-WBN)
From left: Paul Lindo (UK), Marlon Jameson (Latin America), Wingrove Spencer (Eastern Caribbean), Anaclet Antoine (Francophone Territories), Steve Aleong (RCG Coordinator), Nelson Negi (India), Joseph Njoroge (East Africa)
From right: Josiah Qalovaki (Pacific/Oceania), Scott Webster (North America), Christopher Berkeley (Belize), Paul Ogedengbe (West Africa), Cyril Phiri (Southern Africa), Tekleab Zeru (Horn of Africa)           

The primary apostle in the KCN is founder and leader, Dr. Noel Woodroffe. He heads the Global Congress Leadership team, a diverse group of individuals that oversees the KCN’s operations across the nations. Apostolic Grace flows from the Lord, through the primary apostle and out into all the connected churches, defining God’s purpose for us together and enhancing our community strength and capacity to do God’s will.

The KCN leadership team is drawn from the senior church leaders from Caribbean, Africa, the USA, the Middle East, the Pacific, Asia, Europe and the United Kingdom. We celebrate accurate and committed leadership and look to Jesus Christ as the perfect pattern for all leaders.

We believe that what is taught in the churches must be applied to the lives of the leaders first, and that leaders have a responsibility before God for establishing clearly the spiritual order and the lifestyle patterns that the saints in the churches will follow.


Everything about the structure of our lifestyles is designed to demonstrate full maturity and a complete representation of Christ in the earth. Because of this we conduct lives that are filled with obedience, faith, joy, prayer, worship, strong proclamation of Jesus Christ and power of His salvation.

The dynamic center of the life of our network is the rich spiritual life of our Kingdom Communities across the earth. We highly value our gathering together to worship God and to hear His Word, emphasizing the outworking of scripture in practical lifestyle. We also treasure and uphold equality, brotherhood, mutual care and oneness of life regardless of ethnicity, nationality or economic status.


We believe in righteous and holy lifestyles that are built on the patterns given in the Word of God. There is no compromise to the standards for life defined in God’s Word.

At the core of our community life is the high regard for family and the application of Kingdom principles as the foundation of all successful family life. The Covenant of Marriage is valued within our community order and is seen as one of the core factors for powerful Kingdom expression.